How to get the best out of a free Sarajevo walking tour?

Sarajevo being the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina attracts a lot of tourists per year. There are a lot of ways to explore the city, and Sarajevo walking tours are quickly gaining pace. Booking these tours are quite easy, as only the date, and the tour needs to be specified along with the number of people participating. These tours do not charge any fees, but instead, take tips. If someone wants they can leave without tipping as well, but that just seems rude. The guides just ask everyone to tip them according to how they think the tour was.

One of the reasons these free walking tour Sarajevo are gaining momentum now is because the majority of the tourists did not think that free walking tours would be any good. The major misconception was that because there was no specific fee, either the guides would not be that good, or that the tours would not cover too much. This however changed a lot compared to the past, and now these tours take up to 2.5 to 3 hours to complete as they cover so much ground. The guides of the free walking tours also give private tours but those come with a fee. The main group includes smaller groups of tourists who register together, and if the number of participants in a subgroup is more than 8 then they can book private tours as well.

Choosing the right guide is very important to get the best out of a free Sarajevo walking tour, as the entire tour depends on them solely. Always go with a guide who can connect with people, as this makes the tour a lot more interesting. Some of the guides just state the facts about the places, but cannot really connect with the crowd, which makes the tour a bit boring sometimes. A lot of the guides are locals who have witnessed the Bosnian war, but not many of them can share what they went through with the tourists in a way which entices them. So go with a guide who can shape their stories. On one likes to hear stories with facts all over the place. There is a local guide by the name of Neno, who is quite famous amongst tourist for the way he organizes the tours, and also because of his stories of the Bosnian war. At that time, he was 7 and lived in a basement for 4 years. He has a lot more interesting stories which really seem to appeal greatly to tourist making him one of the most booked guides for free Sarajevo walking tours.

Before booking a free walking tour Sarajevo, it is also important to check what tourists spot the tours are covering. Although a 2.5-hour tour covers a lot of places, it might be that some places are not being covered. So make sure to check with all walking tour guides to check which guide is covering the majority of the places that are on the list. If not many places match with the travel itinerary, some of the guides set up special tours which can be customised to cover only certain places.


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